To understand the work of Maison Domecq, we must think if it as one of the links in a greater project: the chain of sustainability, where raw material are never lost but rather transformed into new fashion jewelry for the market.

We think of sustainable conception and design as key. Firstly because it will enable our children and grand children to know and enjoy the same planet that we are living on now, and because it guarantees that each peace that we make is unique and has its own story.

Each and every jewel is the result of Argentinian craftwork combined with the use of new certified materials, either recycled, reused or from discarded piles. To comply with our desire to be environmental friendly, our material is sustainable and traceable.

We consider experimentation as the heart of design. The discovery of new methods and new textures develops a relation where we can read the latent messages hidden in our material. To unveil the qualities and strengths of leather and play with its limits, are the genuine expression that brings authenticity and style to each one of our works.

Our style is at the crossroads of many contrasts and dualities : strenght and femininiy, sensitivity and bravery. With one foot in the past and one in the future, our retro modern jewelry represents feminists who like to be invited out, decisive women for whom sustainability is key.

Maison Domecq puts femininity on a stand through the use of textures, forms and colors, at the heart of its creation; it is as much the toughness of metal as the softness of skin.