Our History

From Ossorio Domecq to Maison Domecq

Mayte Ossorio Domecq needed to draw pieces that would be maintained over time to pay tribute to her mother. Based on her knowledge of drawing with her 6-years experience with the sculptor Julio Pérez Sanz, Sibilia and also thanks to her networks, Mayte Domecq has decided to embark on the creation of a line of contemporary jewelry products geared towards the new luxury.

Ossorio Domecq was born in 2012, in Buenos Aires, with the idea of ​​designing leather jewelry for parties and fashion.

Later in 2014, Maison Domecq appears with the goal of internationalizing its products. Thus, from that moment, its target audience, besides the national market, became the international sale to shops and museum stores. The goal was to become a leading luxury brand in the design and production of high quality accessories with sustainable alternative materials.

Maison Domecq has become the luxury of the new century. Eco-friendly and avant-garde.