Custom Products


In addition to having a vast collection of products, remember that working with residues and new leathers of mineral tanning, allows us to have a wide range of colors to offer you. In the end, it allows us to play with textures and colors!

Stable colors

Spring-Summer 2019 Colors

Various colors and textures

A mixture of colors

Keep in mind that you can choose the colors of your pieces, you can very well mix stable colors of the brand and add a seasonal accent. Our website shows the stable colors and some seasonal colors but they are not all, YOU, can design yours.

How to order a product?


To order personalized products, you must contact us at specifying the desired color and the model. And if there is not a color that I want? Remember that Maison Domecq does its best to satisfy you. We can find your happiness somewhere! Send us a message at and we’ll get back to you.