Necklace Angosto Kot

Small shelter. This line focuses on the use of a laminated surface with diagonal lines for its formal generation. 2 forms of presentation of the alpaca, lines and sheets with its particularity of mirror polishing that transforms this material into a treasure for a lifetime.

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Piece made by hand one by one in Alpaca. Metal also called Argentan or German silver that is constituted by an alloy of zinc, copper and nickel.

Its characteristics have to do with durability and malleability, being another important point that it never loses its qualities, neither with the use of water nor perfumes or alcohol.
If it can become dull or stained, in which case it is cleaned with metal cleaner and returns to its original state.
We work with mirror polished finish, achieved through successive polishing, achieving an excellent finish and finish.
For the joints we use silver solder.