Line consisting of necklace, wide bracelet and thin bracelet, in genuine Argentine leather.
In all cases the base is intervened through the subtraction of parts.
Symmetry rules.

Length: 22 cm
Width: 6 cm
Distance between clasps: 17,25 or 19cm
Weight: 23 grs

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Depending on our receipt, the color shades may vary.

All the pieces are different, they are worked one by one by hand with sustainability criterias :

REduce, REcycle, REuse through the REscue of the Crafts, REalization of craftsmanship, REvaluation of the raw material, REspect for People and Care for the Environment.

We REuse Argentinian Leather, from Argentinian Companies, which allows us to customize as we have a wide color palette. 

If you would like a different colour, please call +5491158391494.

Made in Argentina.

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